Looking for Accreditation? We Can Help

Web4Law is adept at helping firms of all profiles to achieve a range of quality standards.


We were involved in the initial development of the Lexcel standard with the Law Society, and subsequently in training Lexcel assessors and consultants.  Since then we have taken a multitude of law firms of all sizes through the steps leading to accreditation under Lexcel, including assistance with the development of appropriate risk management policies and procedures, and training staff at all levels in how they contribute towards the accreditation process.


Building on this experience, we have also assisted firms in achieving the Conveyancing Quality Standard (CQS), and we have received considerable interest in the Wills and Inheritance Quality Standard (WIQS), which was launched by the Law Society in 2014.

Commercial Risk & Quality Standard

For larger, commercial law firms, we have developed our own quality standard – the Commercial Risk and Quality Standard. Geared to meeting the specific needs of larger practices, we would be delighted to discuss your firm's particular needs further. Contact Simon Bray or Mike Chard for further details.