The Lexcel Quality Standard has proved to be one of the most popular initiatives of the Law Society and we are proud to have played a significant part in its development. Based on the Practice Management Standards - first formulated in conjunction with former Web4Law director Matthew Moore in the early 1990s - Lexcel provides objective externally assessed evidence of sound practice management systems and processes.
With the advent of the SRA Code of Conduct, many firms are considering Lexcel as a means of demonstrating their compliance with the new Outcomes Focused Regulation (OFR) regime.  The fifth version of the standard, published by the Law Society on 31st October 2011, has been revised to enhance its risk management requirements and to provide greater support for OFR.
The Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme, under which Lexcel- accredited practices are 'passported' through the Core Management Standards, is also proving to be a significant spur to consider Lexcel.
Our intimate knowledge of the Lexcel standard places us amongst the most authoritative of consultants on the scheme. We have worked on successful programmes with firms of all profiles, from the largest to hold the standard to sole practitioners, often at a fraction of the project rates suggested by other less expert advisers. Web4Law's client includes most of the top 100 firms to have gained certification to the Standard.
Further, our Solicitors Compliance Service (SCS) can easily be tailored towards a Lexcel implementation programme, and has been used by many of Web4Law's clients as a means of smoothing the path to Lexcel accreditation. We would be delighted to discuss your particular needs and how SCS can assist you in your drive towards Lexcel - simply contact us via our contact form, or send an email to scs@web4law.co.uk for further information.
For more information about our Lexcel consultancy services, please contact Mike Chard or Simon Bray, or for details of Lexcel training for your firm, please visit our 'Getting to Grips with Lexcel' training outline.