Web4Law's In-House Training

The in-house courses described listed above represent only a fraction of the training support that Web4Law can provide.
This is because the majority of our in-house training activity is bespoke - we put together courses to meet the training needs of our clients.  This allows us to focus on particular issues of relevance for specific clients, and also allows us to tailor the level of detail contained within each course to meet client specifications.
All courses, whether bespoke or 'off the shelf', can be accredited for CPD.  This is normally achieved through our clients' CPD accreditation arrangements but, if necessary, we can provide CPD ourselves through Web4Law's own CPD accreditation.  In these circumstances, however, we have to pass on a CPD fee of £25 + VAT per session, which is levied on us by the SRA.
To book any of the courses shown above, or to discuss your bespoke training needs, please contact us via our enquiry form, or contact either of our principal presenters, Mike Chard or Simon Bray.