Revitalising your Marketing Strategy

Rejuvenate your firm's understanding of and commitment to marketing with this highly practical marketing workshop.  The emphasis is on the practical application of marketing principles to the firm. If your marketing is in the doldrums, this course is for you.


Gain greater focus on marketing within the practice and ensure better co-ordination of efforts.
Reduce wasted time on marketing and improve its cost-effectiveness.


  • Introduction
    • objectives
    • issues the firm faces
    • strategic considerations
  • The background to marketing
    • the marketing concept
    • the marketing mix
  • The role of client care in marketing
  • The management of marketing:
    • objectives
    • promotion
    • budget
  • Application of marketing management principles to each department/practice group and conclusions (discussion session)
  • Marketing management systems: exchange of internal information and databases
This session can be adapted to include networking skills and personal presentation if required. For further information, please contact the course presenter, Simon Bray.