Partner Induction

An increasing number of firms assist incoming partners with specific in-house training on how their role will change. Programmes are planned around the specific interests of the firm but would typically include some of the following contents.


Of all the courses in our portfolio this is the one that varies the most between different firms. The contents of this session will vary according to the contents of any prior management training within the firm, the profile of the practice and the training needs of delegates. Typically a firm will wish to assist delegates with their change of roles by covering some of the following:


  • The role of partner: what is expected?
  • Handling role change
  • How to supervise: qualities of the effective supervisor, supervisory styles, being organised to supervise others
  • Supervisory style questionnaire
  • Delegation: difficulties and practical steps to delegate effectively
  • Understanding teamwork: advantages and disadvantages
  • Understanding my personal contribution to teams
  • Networking and marketing: structures and skills

For further information, please contact the course presenter, Simon Bray.