Getting to Grips with Lexcel

Whether your firm is actively considering a programme leading to an assessment under Lexcel or merely considering doing so, this course will assist.  Benefit from the expertise of one of our speakers on any of the wide range of practical issues that will need to be addressed.


  • To explain the requirements of the Lexcel standard and the management of the scheme.
  • To show the interaction of quality standards for law firms.


  • What is Lexcel and where does it come from?
  • The meaning of 'Quality'
  • Relationships with other standards
  • The application process: how to get going
  • The guidelines for assessors
  • Case and file management provisions
  • Review of risk management procedures under Lexcel
  • Case Study examples on risk and file management
  • Supervision and Risk Management
  • Business Plans and Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • People Management
  • Practical suggestions for implementation
  • Developments in the scheme
For firms already advanced in a Lexcel programme, specialist implementation training for partners and staff, working within the terms of your firm's own manual references, is also available.
For further information, please contact Mike Chard or Simon Bray.