Achieving Equality and Diversity

A high level partnership and senior management course, examining the risks to the practice from discrimination law and the associated professional rules, also the key management actions needed to achieve diversity. This session is not recommended for general staff participation since it also covers employment issues.

Sample morning and afternoon timings are shown
9.30am or  2.00pm Introduction

  • Chapter 2 of the SRA Code of Conduct - how to ensure compliance - the risks of getting it wrong
  • The main areas of discrimination provisions and their application to law firms
  • Questionnaire Exercise: 20 problem cases: what's the right approach?
  • Feedback and discussion 

11.00am or 3.30pm  Coffee/Tea
11.15am or 3.45pm  Key partnership issues for achieving diversity and compliance

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Partnership structures and promotions
  • Instructing counsel and other experts
  • Service delivery issues: language to use and avoid

12.30pm or 5.15pm  Conclusions and future actions
2.45pm or 5.30pm  Close
This course counts for 3 hours of CPD

Staff Session 

This session is recommended for mixed groups of fee earners and/or support staff. Timings are optional - 90 minutes is recommended, enabling two or three sessions to be conducted during the same day to ensure cover in all departments. The session is designed to explain the applicability and operation of Chapter 2 of the  SRA Code of Conduct in relation to partners and staff, third parties and clients, and also to consider how to communicate with and address people of different backgrounds to provide a good level of service


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - policy requirements and the Outcomes
  • Some client service issues - relating them to Chapter 2
  • Avoiding discriminatory language and attitudes - some rules to avoid giving offence
  • Making equality a reality 

This course can count for CPD under the SRA scheme
 For further information, please contact Mike Chard or Simon Bray.