Expert Independent File Review

Why not outsource your file reviews to experienced auditors?

The conduct of meaningful file reviews is key to demonstrating compliance with the Solicitors' Code of Conduct 2011 and is one of the areas that COLPs and COFAs have to consider in reviewing the firm's plans for compliance.  It is also a requirement of Quality Standards including the Law Society’s Lexcel, CQS and WIQS schemes.

Web4law provide your firm with external, professional auditors to conduct your file reviews and provide extensive feedback. This can be either through visiting your premises or alternatively remotely at our secure Offices.

This will ensure that meaningful and valuable reviews are routinely carried out which will allow you to improve client care, demonstrate supervisory compliance to the SRA and external auditors, your indemnity insurers and assist your COLP to meet their obligations to record and report any breaches. It will also allow you to create a culture of continuous improvement.

File review services can be offered as a stand-alone service or alternatively as part of our other support packages (SCS) allowing an integrated approach to be taken to Practice Management and Risk and Compliance and your organisation to dedicate more time to fee earning.

For more information please contact Stuart Lee on 07553810810.